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Angel and the Badman1947

  • 3.8
ANGEL AND THE BADMAN was the first film that John Wayne produced and also starred in. Gunman Quint Evans (John Wayne), badly injured, arrives at a farm owned by a Quaker family. With their help he recovers and forms a relationship with Penelope Worth (Gail Russell) who introduces him to Quaker values. At first Quint has difficulty understanding their ideas but gradually he begins to embrace their more compassionate lifestyle.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Even in the faraway year of 1947 "Angel and the Badman" has an old-fashioned mood and feeling to it. The film harkens back to the silent westerns of William S. Hart, or old Zane Grey novels. The presence of Harry Carey, hero in many of John Ford's early silent Westerns, adds to that feeling. In fact, John Wayne seems to channel the influence of his mentor, Ford, in aspects of the production, such as the Monument Valley locations. There's definite screen chemistry between Wayne and costar Gail Russell, who ultimately became another real-life tragedy in the meat grinder world of Hollywood. Hollywood Westnerns used to be referred to as "Oaters," and this one is a classic.

top reviewer

A classic. It doesn't get anymore hollywood than this. Not anything heady, but fun. I like it better than the remake.

This film has a certain charm to it that is missing from the remake.