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Anne Perry: Interiors2010

  • 3.5
Anne Perry is one of the leading authors of our time. She specializes in crime novels and is famous worldwide but her books hide a very real tale of murder and everlasting regret. Since she was 15 years old, Anne has carried an awful secret, a story of a young murderer forever trying to get beyond her terrible deed. This intimate documentary enters the inner sanctum of Anne's reclusive life. "I knew it was wrong and I knew I would have to pay for it": Anne's broken voice bounces off the walls of her remote home in Scotland as she talks about the murder. A powerful documentary about the burden of guilt in which the real story emerges as a powerful growing veneer, a haunting skin taking over the immediate narrative. The viewer will be left pondering this story weeks after viewing.

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This was an incredibly haunting and moving documentary. I went into it feeling a deep sense of revulsion toward Anne Perry and the murder that she committed as a teenager. And then something strange happened. As the film went further into her private life and the small circle of people that comprise her social world, I found myself moved by the emptiness of her life and the amount of space that her guilt takes up in her home and relationships. The weight of it seemed almost unbearable. The pacing of the film is slow, yes, but appropriate given the nature of the story. Lengthy shots of the empty exterior and interior of Perry's home speak to the deep loneliness that comes from years of being afraid of the outside world's judgement and contempt. Even the countryside of Scotland becomes a character, with breathtaking shots of an alternately lush but empty landscape that seems to reflect Perry's interior life. A beautiful, very melancholymusic score really communicated that emptiness as well. And the viewer is challenged to consider the process of remorse and redemption, guilt and forgiveness, accountability for one's actions and acceptance of the choices that one makes in life. Anne Perry is revealed to be a woman deeply troubled by her past and filled with remorse and an inability to forgive herself. We see a woman who has made it through the world by putting up enormous walls between herself and others because she feels the revulsion that people have for her. And yet, through interviews with her friends and family, the film uncovers Perry's struggle to come to terms with the murder and to find (or rather, earn) redemption. Altogether a painful and moving film that is definitely worth watching.

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Nicely done. Not too heavy-handed. The documentary ends with Perry speaking of changes that are forth-coming in her life. Assuming such changes occurred, a note at the end would have been nice. But I could see her dying in that Scottish farm house.

Liked Perry a lot less after watching this rather tedious documentary.

very very slow


Wonderful ~