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also known as Αττική


  • 3.3
ATTICA opens with a close-up of a series of 8th century BCE geometric pots spinning on a wheel, to the sound of a 1973 Greek "laïka" record by Giorgos Dalaras and Haris Alexiou. As the crackling record turns, the close up patterns painted on the surface of vases animate the frame in multiple directions. Loose black lines run vertically, like paint on the surface of the film strip made centuries later. Waves of ancient red ink behave like an ornamental soundtrack that has strayed into the 16mm image. The double exposed footage twice tints the artifacts with bright colors and weaves moiree effects over the pale Attica clay. Scratches in the record, cracks in the objects and splices between rolls of film produce glitches in the visual music sequence and mark the points where these superseded materials have been crudely and anachronistically glued together. Filmed in the British School at Athens using objects from the BSA museum and Fitch Lab. Made with support from The Arts Bursary of the BSA (former Prince of Wales Bursary for the Arts).

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Member Reviews (1)

For me, the music overpowered the images, and once I muted it about half way through, I enjoyed the film.