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Be Like an Ant2012

  • 3.5
Post-Vietnam, Paul bought a trailer for his family to live in. Annoyed by how bad living inside a mobile home during winter could be, he took matters into his own hands and started to build a house around the trailer. He never made any blueprints. As the house took shape, he would take a part of the trailer apart, carry it out back and burn it. Twenty-five years, four floors and one-hundred windows later, the house is almost done.

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Debut feature-length documentary from film producer/festival programmer Mike Plante.

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top reviewer

This is a worthwhile film.

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top reviewer

Vietnam up front from an eye witness. Very informative on several levels. A friend of mine in Magnolia, Texas, international composer and musician, Klaus Weiland, did the same thing with his trailer and the family eventually had a beautiful, beautiful home. Paul's Nam memories make this an even more important documentary, obviously, than one just about his construction adventure. You learn why he lives where he does and how he does, and his war stories are filled with death and sadness.

top reviewer

War is hell and we bear witness to the indelible mark it made on Paul. This man unequivocally defines what it means to be a survivor. He might just be my personal hero. Watch, and he might be yours as well. Many at least, will agree with his assessment of a banker as being an asshole. Something in this for everyone!


Great movie. Thank you to Mike for making this and showing people what my cousin Paul has gone through and what a brilliant guy he is.

Excellent. Would watch again.

The film has a spiritual quality. If you are not going to live "by the sword" you better find something else....something better, and stay with it. That is the house's role.

Enjoyable and penetrating character study. Paul's willfulness creates problems for him all his life, but he can't see any other way of doing things. Rich with metaphor, rambling, reflective.