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Beijing Taxi2010

  • 3.6
A feature-length documentary that vividly portrays the ancient capital of China undergoing a profound transformation. The intimate lives of three taxi drivers are seen through a humanistic lens as they navigate a quickly morphing city, confronting modern issues and changing values. The three protagonists radiate a warm sense of humanity despite the struggles that each faces in adapting to new realities of life in the modern city. With stunning imagery of Beijing and a contemporary score rich in atmosphere, BEIJING TAXI communicates a visceral sense of the common citizens' persistent attempts to grasp the elusive.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

I am no expert on China, but I enjoyed this movie characterizing the lives of three Beijing taxi drivers. It was almost as good as taking a trip to China.

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top reviewer

For someone who lived in Beijing at this time but has since left, this was a great way to reconnect with the city and people that I developed so much affection for. Nice slice of life.

As a native Beijinger (and a volunteer in the 2008 Paralympic Games), I think this film is an authentic picture of ordinary people's lives, struggles, and dreams. Though the title is Beijing Taxi, it extended well beyond the taxi drivers, partly because taxi is an important component in the operation of such a huge city of over 20 million people and has become part of Beijing's culture. This film is an interesting expedition of the love-and-hate relationship between individuals and the nation as a whole.