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also known as Man in the Dark

Blind Corner1965

  • 3.8
Paul Gregory is an accomplished composer despite his blindness, and his beautiful wife Anne seems to be the perfect supporting wife. But unknown to Paul, she is having a passionate affair with Ricky, a struggling artist. Keen to support her artist lover and give them more time to make love, she persuades Paul to commission Ricky to paint her portrait. But Paul senses their affection for each other, and threatens to cut Anne off without a penny. Desperate to keep both her lover and Paul's money, Anne plots the perfect murder and asks Ricky to carry it out.

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Member Reviews (8)

top reviewer

This was a curious little movie. Very much the product of its epoch, and for that reason alone it is very fun to watch. The music is central to the movie, and it is also very well done. The acting is pretty good, especially the man who played Paul. He was very believable as being blind, and even had realistically creepy facial expressions with hyperbole as is so common with blind people. The script is slightly predictable, but still fun. A good little 90 minute escape made for pop corn and a 7-up.

top reviewer

I think I enjoyed the sets, wardrobe and props better than the actual film.

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top reviewer

Wow, I did not see that ending coming!!! A terrific, stylish later Film Noir that kept my interest throughout.

This movie was very good, I really loved the ending.

So the composer is blind and his wife is carrying on with the struggling artist. She wishes he were dead (her husband,not the artist) and she convinces him perhaps he (the artist, not her husband) should toss him (her husband) off the terrace of their 11th story penthouse (he's filthy rich and she want all his dough). Soon the blind man finds out his wife is a cheating no-good cheating son of a gun and then theres a fight and a nifty twist in the end that leaves everyone guilty in jail and the blind man and his secretary hot to trot. This is fun drama and not a bad way to kill some time.

A mystery in the old school. No violence, morally satisfactory ending, well acted. A fun hour and a half.

Good movie with a nice twist.

The dark versus blond female plays out as subplot to this physical versus mental blindness in this noir film.