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Blonde Ice1948

  • 3.4
A beautiful blonde high-steps her way up the society ladder (and over one dead body at a time) in this fast, cheap and deadly film noir, thought lost for many years but rediscovered. Claire Cummings, a former "$18-a-week steno from a hick town" turned society newspaperwoman, finds herself marrying a wealthy dope, even while she’s kissing her longtime "friend" Les Burns seconds beforehand. ("I'll think about you on my honeymoon," she croons). When her new hubby threatens to cut-off his income to her, it's time to move on to another husband after a few "accidents" are arranged… As the heroine with "ice in her veins, icicles in her heart," Leslie Brooks embodies one of the great noir archetypes, a femme fatale with absolutely zero interest in social mores like love, marriage or most human emotions. Unlike her more famous "colleagues" like Barbara Stanwyck in DOUBLE INDEMNITY, Ann Savage in DETOUR or Jane Greer in OUT OF THE PAST, she plays the game not just with a knife up her sleeve but with a sly grin that lingers in everything she says, all too aware of her charm and men's weakness for it. In BLONDE ICE, manipulating men doesn't just seem horrific. It looks pretty fun! Veteran cinematographer George Robinson, who worked on multiple Universal horror classics (like SON OF DRACULA) gives the film an A-list sheen on a Z-grade budget. - Jason Sanders

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"You're not a normal woman. You're not warm. You're cold. Cold as ice. Blonde Ice."

Classic low-budget femme fatale. Leslie Brooks puts up a fairly convincing act as the social climbing manipulator. But just before she gets to the top everything crumbles.

The plot is somewhat believable up until the confession scene where she gives up way too easily. The film almost redeems itself with an unexpected ending.

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Leslie Brooks COULD have been one of the great lady villains in movies if this low-budget noir didn't step so lightly around her psychotic nature. She killed her husband. We KNOW she killed her husband. We see her predatory glares of guilt when the body is found. We also see from the start that she's a nutjob when she's lovey-dovey with another man on the day of her wedding. There's no way that she DIDN'T kill her husband, found dead of a faked self-inflicted gunshot about nineteen minutes into this seventy-four minute wonder. But the film still insists on treating the murder as a mystery. It keeps Brooks's icy-veined blonde at arm's length and, thus, misses the juiciest details of the story in favor of focusing on a bunch of forlorn men vying for her affection. Meanwhile, Leslie Brooks, a bit part player getting a rare shot at a major role, has a great time. She's the saving grace of the movie and puts up a good fight against filmmakers that try to cut her off from the showcase that's rightfully hers.

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Little gem. Convoluted at times, but dead on wicked.

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Excellent sample of what 1940's film is all about. Glad it was rescued from oblivion.

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Very good 1940's film noir in spite of low budget, no "famous" actors, etc. Set in San Francisco, not Los Angeles, for a change. Tight script, good acting. Looking forward to seeing this one over again soon - this time with film buff friends and lots of popcorn.

I enjoyed this. This is not the most inventive or the most affecting film noir. But it is quite a delicious story of a ruthless social climber. The dialogue is direct and quick-firing, and as it should be in a film noir. The female protagonist is allowed to want things like money and social status and to go after them no holds barred. The ending is a bit disappointing.

The title is the whole movie. Every punch is telegraphed. The excellent supporting actors (James Griffith, Emory Parnell, and Walter Sande) walk away with the picture, while the leads basically paint by numbers. Walter Paige isn't too bad, but his character is easier to like than to believe. Leslie Brooks is at times fun to watch, as is her wardrobe, but she and the script really give us very little in the way of either seduction or menace. If you want to hang in to find out how it ends, you probably already know. It's a short trip to nowhere.

As much as I love campy noir films, this one was awful.

First time I've seen this actress. She carried it all.

Neat fun noir that will hold your interest ----Nice twist in the end.

Have seen better but still it was worth the watch .

Pretty good up till the end when they had to bring in all the convoluted psychology. Then the whole thing unraveled because it seemed like they were spending too much time trying to explain her behavior. Finally no one could believe a beautiful woman could be homicidal. Leslie Brooks was great. Plus it's hard to believe she would pull a gun on somebody with all those people around. But it's still not bad. Another film with a cold bloodied female that was pretty good is called - Leave Her To heaven. It has a much bigger budget and major stars. This would make a good double feature. You could watch them both in one night and have an evening of iced women!!

A really good, nondescript, poverty row "B" film noir . Very comfortable in a 40s double feature at a low end , cheapo theater... I love these movies...

More twists than a ski run, "Blonde Ice" is a corny 40s noir.

Great femme fatale. No morals at all. Total slut

middling noir.

...worth a watch (or, two/three..;) - well acted - kind of a 'moral' story...

I watched the little known B film BLONDE ICE. Shortly after it started, it began to go out of sync. I like to watch these to help me sleep, but once that happened I had to find out if the whole movie was out of sync. You see, when something is out of sync on digital TV, it remains the same degree of out of sync for however long the program runs. But if this film was out of sync because the editor was too pressed for time to sync up a few scenes, that would be different. If that's what happened when the scene changed it would probably be in sync because the editor had different film and sound stock to match up. If it was out of sync because the master sound wasn't synced up precisely to the image, it would get wildly out of sync. You see, what happens is that a mistake of a fraction of a second in the beginning of syncing sound and film looks maybe off in the beginning but mathematically becomes increasingly off. I forget how much off it can be after an hour, but it's significant. We learned this in film school, but I've never seen it throughout a whole film. This was my big chance, and by the end of the movie, I was hearing sound from scenes that preceded the film by perhaps more than a minute! Trippy.

Well-acted story that holds your interest. A stylish look at life in that period. Shows a lot of things that will become de rigeur in crime movies to follow

This was a great film noir classic. It was tight, fun and dark. The plot was thin or so transparent there was no mystery. That is the draw back. See through from scene one, it is not in the first rank of noir. I enjoyed it. A great 1940s period film.

Time capsule. Low budget but great film-noir. Greed and politics (of love).

I like the character because she is ruthless, self absorbed, and using her looks to snag men and increase her standing in society. She's a little like Scarlett O'hara, only not loveable. She's a sociopathic killer-one who acts without feeling for others.

Sheer Camp.

interesting movie. a little old and predictable

Stock plot.Acting and direction were nothing special.

It was fun to watch.

Very good movie.

I guess for its time, it was OK.

i liked this movie . i love the old thriller black and white moveie.

classic film noir! one that isn't on TCM or other network's rotation.

Have never seen this film noir before. Interesting making the women the chief villain. Typical of the 1940s, but always entertaining.

I love almost any film noir from the 40s. This is no masterpiece but still enjoyable.

Nice contrast to contemporary editing and camera styles. The acting is pretty stiff, and the story is OK if a bit implausible. It sounds like it'll be better than it is, but you get an interesting glimpse at a B-movie on-the-cheap noir. Make sure you've seen the classics first!

Predictable but a fun view if you like film noir.

A smarter version of my ex wife:(

very good drama, good plot.

Outstanding! A jewel that seemed lost forever returns. A very unusual and stark but amazing film!

Fabulous job directing this 40's film ~ great femme fatale depiction! Love it.

Oh WOW! It,t Just So Good, Says Bruno In Love!

Pretty good!

thought it was a little campy but enjoyed it all the same.

No Double Indemnity but not bad.

Great oldie murder flick!