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  • 3.2
Gaspar is back in New York working for a couple of days, caught between the taxis and his faults in French. He has plans to have lunch with his father right before he returns to Brussels. They have not seen each other for a few years. Something tells him it is wrong; something tells him it is right. As he attempts to find ways to evade the silence, Gaspar will realize what is truly happening between them.

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Member Reviews (2)

For someone looking in on this father/son relationship, the film may seem insubstantial, but for someone who has lived it, each remark, each expression, and each silence speaks volumes. Note, I said "father/son" and not "son/father". I never heard of any escaping it, but maybe some have. Worth to see a film about that.

Too many fathers are disinterested in their sons. Some of them realize this only too late.