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Call of Duty2015

  • 3.9
A profile of New York City Jury Duty Clerk Walter Schretzman, who has learned how to lull thousands of his fellow grumpy New Yorkers into Jury Duty compliance. He plays the role of Government worker, crisis negotiator and borscht belt comedian while sharing his wisdom with Jurors during their days together. Given access to the normally restricted waiting area of a New York Court building, director Matt Lenski paints a brief but comic and profound portrait of the intersection between professionalism, entertainment and civic responsibility.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

A well done and interesting film about a very personable man administering the jury selection. Well worth watching.

top reviewer

Interesting. A msn who enjoys his work.

I thought it was a fine poetic documentary. Having recently served on my county's jury, I can attest to it's veracity. And though my clerk was a Southern man, he reminded me of this NY clerk.