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also known as Master of the Stratosphere

Captain Video1951

  • 3.7
  • passes the bechdel test
"Captain Video" was such a nationwide sensation that in 1951, Columbia Pictures Corporation contracted to produce a theatrical serial of the Captain's exploits, the first television show ever to be adapted to the big screen. The result, CAPTAIN VIDEO: MASTER OF THE STRATOSPHERE has been hailed as "a nostalgic delight all the way through. A unique concoction, quite unlike any other serial ever made!" (Roaring Rockets). Captain Video, Master of Space! Hero of Science! Operating from his secret mountain headquarters on the planet Earth, Captain Video rallies men of good will and leads them against the forces of evil everywhere. As he rockets from planet to planet, let us follow the champion of justice, truth and freedom throughout the universe.

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A 15-chapter space cadet adventure that's every bit as juvenile as I hoped. It's the sensitive story of two men with terrible headgear who fight over the fate of the world. On one side is evil dictator Vultura from the planet Atoma. Gene Roth makes no effort to portray Vultura as otherworldly or regal in the slightest. Vultura is just a fat guy in an Attila the Hun headdress and you better not get in his way or he'll blow you up. Or at least he'll TRY to blow you up. He's not very good at it. Everybody always gets away. On the other side is Captain Video, government agent. He's got an awful motorcycle helmet, a barely adequate sidekick and a few crazy "electric guns". He also jets off to faraway planets and then back to Earth as simply as me riding my bike to 7-11 down the street. The most notable thing here is that this is the first and only movie serial based on a television series, "Captain Video and His Video Rangers" aired from 1949 to 1955, live and legendarily low-budget in crude kinescope.

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Bullseye! Your reviews rock! You are one of the truly great Fandorians!

Good but old looking

Male Sci-Fi sausage fest but better than most of the post-50's genre. It has all of the best things about serials; ridiculous plot, terrible special effects, clueless heroes who fall for just about every obvious trap, and gadgets that make you laugh like the Cosmic Vibrator.

I have only one question: Where are the sci-fi babes? Every Sci-Fi worth a lick has at least one 'babe'. Who else is going to motivate the hero? Sadly, this serial has none. Not one woman. None. Zero. Nil. It's all guys all the time. But, if you like rockets that can takeoff horizontally through a living room window, space travel wearing a three-piece suit, heroes who wear football helmets, all manor of "sonic" super-weapons and a "wandering planet" that has sunlight this is for you.

Ranger will suffice.

fun retro space cadet stuff