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  • 3.1
In this relentless thriller, French star Isabelle Huppert brings passion and courage to her portrayal of a hostage caught in a seemingly hopeless situation. At a beach resort in the Philippines, twenty guests are kidnapped by an Islamic separatist group fighting for their independence. French social worker Therese Bourgoine is among those taken to a jungle island, with the Filipino army in pursuit. As the captors and their hostages journey through dense jungle terrain, trying to avoid the bullets and artillery salvos fired indiscriminately at them, an unexpected bond grows between the kidnappers and hostages.

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Member Reviews (2)

Insight into this confusing and ongoing conflict. Confusing ideology though...unsure of the focus of the film. Pretty amazing jungle cinematography.

They spent way to much money on this film to just destroy things and blow them up if you are going to do that than the movie better be as goods as the money spent.