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also known as Partie de cartes

Card Party1895

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  • 3.4
For many, cinema began on December 28, 1895, with the first public projection of short films like EXITING THE FACTORY, ARRIVAL OF A TRAIN and this film, CARD PARTY, by Louis and Auguste Lumiere. But these iconic films also existed in alternate versions, sometimes with each frame colored by hand (as it is in this instance).


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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

This is pretty much my dream afternoon. Sometimes I feel like I could sit around and play cards all day.

Micro-masterpiece. Reminds me of a in not the director but his dad.

I Love it Says Bruno In Love!

This is obviously not the same film as this one (, presented as the Lumieres' card party film.

When I discovered this, I thought that the film presented here could be Melies's Une partie de cartes...but no, that one is also on Youtube and is completely different! (

Which begs the question: did the Lumieres make multiple card-playing films of which this is simply one of them? I'm finding this quite mysterious.