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Caridea and Ichthyes2011

  • 4.4
Where the other films in Paul Clipson's COMPOUND EYES cycle relate natural and constructed environments through cutting, the liquid CARIDEA AND ICHTHYES uses superimpositions to float various fish and crustaceans in a brilliant neon sea. Like TAXI DRIVER crossed with a Jean Painlevé film, CARIDEA AND ICHTHYES serves as a beautiful articulation of the essential fluidity of film projection. - Max Goldberg

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Illuminated, pixelated, pop art animated visual. Colorful pulses, and deconstructed referencing.

I love Paul Clipson, and I think this is some of his best work. Rich, yet focused. Layers of visual rhythm provoke a visceral and low tempo, not unlike a heavy blanket. The marine life bring the womb's wonderment and fear to the city lights, whence wonderment and fear is cold.

Wonderful sound.