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also known as Yami no carnival

Carnival in the Night1982

  • 3.2
Take a walk on the wild side with edgy indie director Masashi Yamamoto (JUNK FOOD, ROBINSON'S GARDEN), who captures the punk scene of 1980s Japan in this prickly early film. Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, Yamamoto gets the most out of a cast of young toughs who more or less play themselves, while shooting on 16mm in a gritty, grainy style. Punk rocker Kumi Ota leaves her son with her ex-husband and then begins an unusual odyssey along the fringes of Tokyo's night life. Each person she meets is stranger than the last with each encounter more disturbing.

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top reviewer

love it_ love Kumi Ota_it's a beautiful ODD film super strange but totally on top!!! so many odd moments_some great music_all shot really well_some of it is brilliant_totally crazy magic