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also known as Alien Contamination


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  • 2.9
Branded as a "video nasty" in the UK, Luigi Cozzi's film takes the premise of Ridley Scott's classic ALIEN and peppers it with exploding guts galore and a dangerously infectious soundtrack from celebrated Italian prog-rockers Goblin. A cargo ship drifts up the Hudson River. Its crew: all dead, their bodies horribly mutilated, turned inside out by an unknown force. Its freight: boxes upon boxes of glowing, pulsating green eggs. It soon becomes clear that these eggs are not of this planet, and someone intends to cultivate them here on Earth. But who? And to what end? Starring Italian horror veteran Ian McCulloch, CONTAMINATION is an ultra-violent sci-fi epic that really gets under the skin. In space, no one can hear you scream, but on Earth, the terror rings loud and clear!
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top reviewer

2 1/2 More schlock than shock with ten opening and closing minutes of entertaining horror and an hour of barely watchable crap. Some of the middle is occasionally amusing with laugh-out-loud bad dialog, asinine plot premises and ridiculous romantic interests. Music by Goblin helps a bit. Saw this years ago in one of those 50 horror movies for $19.95 DVD deals, and tonight I watched it again on Fandor, even given the 1000s of available choices, so take that as a sign that if you like schlocky horror (like I do), this pretty terrible movie is definitely worth your time.

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top reviewer

Being a fan of the Italian genre cinema of the this period, I have heard about this movie for many years. I finally got around to watching it here. This is my assessment of Contamination.


On a technical level, this is one of the best Italian B-movies of the Late 1970's and early '80's. The film is shot well and had some good sets. Cozzi got the most out of the small budget, especially in the set pieces that bookend the film. The dubbing, while bearing the stilted style of the period, is delivered in a more dynamic manner than usual and sounds very clear. Moreover, the Goblin soundtrack propels the slow scenes forward just enough to make them tolerable.


The story is extremely muddled. The purpose of sending the "eggs" around the world is not explained. Also, while they are not eggs in the usual sense (harboring life), the characters still refer to the sacks of infection as eggs. The transformation of a character from emotional wreck to gun-toting hero was very sudden and a tad too convenient. Incidentally, there are many convenient plot elements that one could make a snide comment at. Finally, there are moments when the film's cheapness shines through.

In the end, if the viewer can turn his or her mind off for 90 minutes, Contamination can be a fun movie to watch. Considering the mess that was Luigi Cozzi's previous film, Starcrash, this was a significant improvement for him.

I have a serious soft spot for Italian horror. This film is good fun, and the soundtrack by Goblin is amazing!

If you like MSTK3000 type films, sit back and enjoy. This film is a pastiche of alien films from the period. The acting is subpar and the monster is worse than that. The sound design and the earnestness of the acting almost saves it-almost.

Perfect Saturday night movie!

"Help, I'm trapped and there's an egg in here!". Classic 80's trash.

It's so bad you must watch until the end. Ridley Scott surely agrees.