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also known as Le cousin Jules

Cousin Jules1972

  • 4.5
An ode to rural France and the simple joys of life, Dominique Benicheti's glorious masterpiece COUSIN JULES captures the daily routine and rituals of Jules, a blacksmith, living with his wife, Felice, on a small farm in the French countryside.

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Member Reviews (10)

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top reviewer

A unique film in that it stands our customarily frenetic paced life on its head. One is forced to

put aside the urge for clever chatter, high action, and irony-- and just watch. It quickly becomes

apparent that everyone is always doing something, but never at a pace which suggests that

they are in a rush to get to the next activity. To use a much overused term: very Zen. The impression,

which is reinforced by the excellent filmography and sparingly heard conversation, is that each

person is thinking only about what they are doing at the time. This is, I think, also reinforced by

an audio track which is dominated by animals, and those sounds a consequence of human activity.

All of which are wholly self contained, and unthinking. It suggests to me that really everything holds

interest, if we just give it our undivided attention.

top reviewer

One of the wisest, most confident films about rural life, old age, love and humanity's relationship with the natural world, nonfiction or otherwise. Loved it from start to finish.



Beautiful film of a quiet but satisfying life.

This is a beautiful film, you get lost in its visual poetic impact.

Extraordinary beauty found in daily life ...


loved every minute of their simple life..thx