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  • 3.2
Far more whimsical than his down-the-middle abrasive character sagas APE and BUZZARD, Joel Potrykus' 2010 short COYOTE relates an outward manifestation of inner demons. Played by regular collaborator Joshua Burge, the coyote in question is a heroin addict who trolls downtown Grand Rapids in-between binges at his rundown compound. Replacing tirades with tunes (and low-grade digital with Super-8), COYOTE presents a more curious Potrykus, whose character is guided by circumstance as much as his malcontent.

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

It is easy to see that Joel Potrykus was on his way to becoming a strong filmmaker. This short film features an exceptionally cast Joshua Burge as an artist on the verge... The werewolves of Michigan are on the prowl!

top reviewer

Good take on werewolveism but really grimy.

Potrykus and Burge are ones to watch for!

Bad shots, some funny moments.