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also known as Die blaue Hand

Creature with the Blue Hand1967

  • 2.8
The inimitable Klaus Kinski plays twin brothers (one of whom is found guilty of murder and sent to an insane asylum in the prologue) and he is not even the creepiest part of this colorful murder mystery. Based on a novel by British author Edgar Wallace, this is from the distinctly German genre of violent murder mysteries known as "krimi." Alfred Vohrer directs with a driving pace, zipping from a prison-break to a family mansion filled with secret rooms where victims are stalked by a killer with a medieval claw (the "Blue Hand" of the title). It plays like an Agatha Christie novel on overdrive with a heroic Scotland Yard detective who cuts through the murky complications. A jazzy score with echoes of James Bond movies gives the Gothic atmosphere a brassy modern tone. [Unfortunately, CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND is presently only available with an English-dubbed dialogue track. Dubbing is generally avoided whenever possible (though not an option in this particular instance).] - Sean Axmaker

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

A campy B style chiller, possibly popular in a cult genre sort of way as far as atmosphere, like Rocky Horror or Wallace and Gromit's The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The cool, time capsule of spy film music is inspiring, and at least we get an occasional eyeful of Klaus Kinski every now and then. Would have been nice to hear his voice.

Being a big fanof Klaus Kinski, I loved this film!