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also known as Tma, svetlo, tma

Darkness Light Darkness1989

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  • 4.5
A corporeal and Kafkaesque claymation from Czech surrealist Jan Svankmajer. Two hands find each other in a room and begin molding themselves into a human figure. Different body parts come knocking, some more insistently than others, until the small space is stuffed with the finished man. Whether viewed as a witty riff on the Golem story or an allegory of Svankmajer’s own claustrophobia in communist Czechoslovakia, DARKNESS LIGHT DARKNESS is vivid and very funny.



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I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean but it was very cool

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37198fa58fcab4144a919351510c7186? f 0026
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I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean but it was very cool

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My God, that is a powerful piece!! If you never see another piece of "claymation" in your life see this one! Jan is the Man, you will be amazed. I guarantee it!

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amazing bruh

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a man cannot enter or exit a room, nor stand up as a complete man, so he turns the lights off

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Disturbingly brilliant! Had me in pieces.

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Technically ingenious, as all his films are, this one is a bit more predictable than usual.

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Brimming over with creative imagination.

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Beautiful and scary!

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A claymation man creates himself, when his parts show up at the door. Fun to watch!

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Excellent short film.

Loved it!

A meta-movie on life as unfulfilled incompleteness in motion. A self-searching construction/deconstruction within the boundaries set by darkness and light.

One of the first films I saw by Jan. It is so rich in content and remarkably humorous as he comments on life, while animating the inanimate. We are witnessing a legendary animator's creation of life!

It was bizzare.

great claymation.......

wwonderful !!!!

I thought it was clever

clay love

I happened to see this film at the public library when I was a teenager and it has haunted me ever since. Every frame is just as I remembered it. It's so amazing to be able to see it again.

I loved this film. Perfect in every way. One of the best claymations I've seen

Nicely paced, neither too fast, nor too slow...continually gripping with what is expected and foreseen by the viewer. The realism of the claymation and Švankmajer's imagination are both simple and profound. And that in the end, nothing is resolved, is truly beautiful...a lovely work of art. Brilliant!

funny, creative

Awesome art! I love it!

Let's all give this film a hand (with eyes in its fingers.) Awesome art.

Svankmajer's characters are always so real looking, but what really makes the figures stand out is the life he brings to them.


I've never seen anything like this, and I want more.

Great short film

must-see- it ! very surrealism artful.