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also known as Dzien Swira

Day of the Wacko2002

  • 3.7
DAY OF THE WACKO is a black comedy from the director of the highly acclaimed NIC SMIESZNEGO (NOTHING FUNNY). It chronicles one day in the life of a teacher who is completely disillusioned with his reality. When he looks for the reasons for his unhappiness he blames his neighbors, his former wife and his own mother. However, any attempts to improve his life will be unsuccessful until he first begins to change himself.

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Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

It seems these days, or at least among people in the Anglo-American world anyway, few will humor those who complain for a second. We are all supposed to carry on with life all the time as though everything were fine. Have a complaint, feel annoyed, then you need to see a psychiatrist and get on medication, and especially don't say anything about any of it, what ever it is you don't like, and dump your crap on anyone or they'll find a way to get revenge on a loser like you for ruining their concentration on their social media games with all of your blubbering and whining. This film is an up yours to all of that. This is a film that seems to be from a bygone era when we were allowed to complain and vent, when being fed up could also be seen in a humorous light. When the lugubrious late night natterings of our depressed buddies and friends also were endearing underneath the pain they were suffering from just being who they were. For me this film could well be a portrait of one of those friends or even myself. This film is funny as hell as long as you don't overly identify with any of all of the people that torture this guy, mostly innocently. Right at the point in the film when I said to myself, "The only problem this guy has is either he needs to get laid well and properly or go on a vacation," that was just what happened next, he decided he needed a holiday. But of course on his holiday, he continued to be profoundly disturbed by everything and everyone he met if not more so than at home. The character is mostly annoyed by women, by lawn mowers, dogs and the mass media, but by the end there doesn't seem to be anything that happens in his life that doesn't drive him up the wall, least of all himself. The things that bug him bug all of us, but our hero cannot seem to let anything ride, has never learned to just filter out the noise of day to day living, so we can't really feel that sorry for him particularly, he doesn't have that much of a problem but paradoxically actually he does. Bravo! Love it, and no happy ending either so kuddos for that as well and no easy meaningful insights to be easily had here, hurrah, just the absurd isolated suffering of an alienated middle class divorced middle aged man presented as one big joke.

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top reviewer

Partly an exposé of Polish national character, partly a warning about how close to absurdity we all are or, if not, easily could have been.

Very strange film.

Really enjoyed the ass sniffing session.