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  • 4.2
From the director of AMELIE comes a post-apocalyptic comedy that's both bitingly hilarious and absolutely one-of-a- kind. When meat becomes so rare that it is used as currency, residents living above a delicatessen must depend on a menacingly strange butcher for their supply. But when a new tenant arrives and takes a job as the building's handyman, he unknowingly steps into the butcher's serve him as the next meal!

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Of course it merits five stars. Heck, the opening credit sequence by itself merits a five.

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top reviewer

Of course it merits five stars. Heck, the opening credit sequence by itself merits a five.

6 members like this review

This is everything I love about a good film. Aesthetically beautiful, fantastic characters, a slightly nutty plot, and enough laughs to fill a deli.

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Wow. Sci-Fi, horror, comedy and a tinge of romance set in a dystopian world along with distinctly odd and varied characters. Somehow it all works. Sound, edits and transitions pop and yet are also seamless. A quirky and fun watch.

Starts slow BUT absolutely the funniest movie that I've seen in very long time! It started slow to me; maybe because of the subtitles ... BUT I ended up watching this 3 times (so far) and well worth it to understand each character. The character details and various storylines are truly hilarious; the last 30 - 45 mins are brilliant. Great movie !!!