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Destination: Rossport, Ireland2009

  • 3.8
In 2005, five men from Rossport, Ireland, were sent to jail for ninety-four days because they would not allow Shell Oil to put a gas pipeline through their land. Filmmaker Jim Kerns goes to this remote town in the northwest of Ireland to examine the conflict and the socio-economic implications involved. Kerns speaks with members of the community, journalists, sociologists and Shell representatives in an attempt to understand the factors that led up to the jailing as well as to decipher the impact of a pipeline and gas-processing terminal on a once quiet community. DESTINATION: ROSSPORT, IRELAND examines how a big oil company is impacting the culture of the community and how the idea of "progress and development" is coming into direct conflict with health and safety concerns for an entrenched group of locals.

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Member Reviews (2)

Very important documentary. To the point and intriguing. The local people off Rossport who were interviewed give a great account of the situation. I love the contact and realism. Youre right there and the local people give you the straight facts.

Important subject with resonance for small communities whose cultures and ecology are threatened by exploitative resource extraction by large corporations whose primary consideration is profit. The film-making is a little clumsy (the cuts and montages are frequently too hasty) and the film proceeds in a pedestrian fashion, but the personalities and beliefs of many of the people interviewed are admirable and compensate for the artistic shortcomings. Only three stars, but recommended nonetheless.