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  • 3.0
In this gritty Philadelphia-based thriller, Sully, former frontman of a once prominent punk band, anxiously trudges toward a new world in order to remain in his young son's daily life when ex-bandmate Mick catches him mid-stride with a promise to make good on an old debt. In one hellish night, that stretches till dawn, Sully chases Mick through the recesses of Philadelphia in his fight to get back home.

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Damon Maulucci and Keir Politzs' low budget film packs more of a punch than most big-budget movies that often aim for what this film delivers. It is easy to call this film a "thriller" as it does build up a strong level of intensity. But Detonator is actually a realistic character study of a man on his way to becoming something more than he has ever been. He finds himself at a sort of existential crossroad and is quietly in crisis he tries to walk away from an unfulfilled dream to a reality that will most certainly be much better place. Lawrence Michael Levine is essential in the movie's lead. A great film that deserves more attention that it has received.

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More than just a gritty thriller, Detonator is a poignant portrayal of the often difficult transition from youth to adulthood. A nocturnal rumination on why we bother reuniting with old friends we purposefully left behind. In this era of nostalgic filmmaking, where superheroes and reboots have taken over the multiplex, writer-directors Damon Maulucci and Keir Politz are virtual iconoclasts for so resolutely resisting the past.

Authentic, uncomfortable, subtle with strange action. It ain't perfect but it's an experience I related to about getting older and dealing with toxic friends. I dug it with the context of a true DIY indie film.

Beautifully scripted and acted Indie. Lawrence Michael Levine really nails it. Melancholic and realistic look at the way dreams get away from us when the 'real' world comes calling.

Highly recommended.

It had it's moments, far too few of them. And WTF was up with that ending??? A few interesting moments that went nowhere. A big disappointment.