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Dick Cheney in a Cold, Dark Cell2009

  • 3.0
River ice sets the scene for Judy Garland's international cri de coeur. It's hard to understate the amount of anxiety created by a Vice President who usurped authority for eight years to start wars and wreck the economy and then sidled off to Wyoming to be a retired "hero of the right." Impunity is not just the stuff of autocratic dictatorships in the third world. The American form of impunity is going to get us all killed.

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Member Reviews (5)

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A fun jaunt into the abyss. Nice little combination, but I don't love the narrative of Cheney usurping power in the description. Very proceduralist.

Unique interplay of title, image, and sentiment. Provocative and brilliant.

He should have to sit in a dark cell. He didn't do any good for the United States. I likes it.

A wry message that would never be received but for the title.