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Don't Look in the Basement1972

  • 3.1
This gory little chiller takes place in an experimental hospital for the criminally insane where the creative thinking director allows several inmates to act out their psychotic delusions.

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Member Reviews (5)

Good, serviceable drive-in horror. Likely influential on the slasher franchises that followed a few years later.

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It was wickedly entertaining,"Dont look in the basement" definitely worth a peek.

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top reviewer

Fun, zero-budget slasher with a maniacal, in-your-face style and lots of close ups of wide-eyed, leering madmen. An ax murder in the first three minutes sets the mood. The rest is creepy and scary drive-in horror.

top reviewer

Fun movie to watch... But the buildup lasts forever, and not once is anyone told to not go into the basement. Overall okay... Once was enough.

It's an ok movie. Nice twist.