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Down the Wyoming Trail1939

  • 3.0
Cinema's second-most-popular singing cowboy (after Roy Rogers) was Texas-bred Tex Ritter, a homely but amiable fella who began his career as a Broadway and radio performer, ending it decades later as a successful country recording artist. In-between, he starred in a slew of "Poverty Row" westerns low on originality but high on music and amiability. DOWN THE WYOMING TRAIL, made in cinema's so-called "greatest year" (though you won't find it mentioned in the same breath as GONE WITH THE WIND or THE WIZARD OF OZ) has more than its share of novelties. Tex and his trusty steed White Flash amble into town just in time to thwart some pesky rustlers from absconding with cattle. Hired as the new ranch foreman, his adventures soon include judging a saloon Santa Claus contest, fleeing a lynch mob, indirectly triggering a villain's death by avalanche and riding to the rescue on a toboggan. Set around Christmastime, this pleasant programme features an amount of snow-bound action (not to mention elk-herd footage) unusual for the genre. - Dennis Harvey

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