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Dynamite Brothers1974

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  • 3.8
Before RUSH HOUR there was DYNAMITE BROTHERS, the first movie to team an African-American action star and an Asian Martial Arts star! It's action all the way from the ghettos of L.A. to the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown as Larry Chin and Stud Brown blast apart the secrets of the syndicate. Gang fights featuring automatic weapons and an attack on the desert castle of the big drug boss create explosive action in this power-punched film! Directed by famous cult movie director Al Adamson, a major Hong Kong stunt team was brought to Hollywood to duplicate the great martial arts action of eastern movies for western audiences.


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Member Reviews (3)

It's bad but fun. Also James Hong is in this so that's a huge plus.

Love the chemistry between the two actors!

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not to bad could have ben better