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Eastern Boys2013

  • 3.7
Arriving from all over Eastern Europe, the men who loiter around the Gare du Nord train station in Paris are scraping by however they can, forming gangs for support and protection, ever fearful of being caught by the police and deported. When the middle-aged, bourgeois Daniel approaches a boyishly handsome Ukrainian who calls himself Marek for a date, he learns the young man is willing to do anything for some cash. What Daniel intends only as sex-for-hire leads to a home invasion - and then an unexpectedly profound relationship. The drastically different circumstances of the two men's lives reveal hidden facets of the city they share.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

A movie as disturbing as its disturbing subject, but without any psychology or sociology or politicizing, fake or genuine, to intrude between you and the movie you're watching: you see, from afar and up very close, and you understand at a distance. Some of the cinematography is stunning, especially for its refusal to interpret beyond what you are seeing, beyond what the characters are doing: the lengthy destruction and pillaging of the protagonist's apartment a case in point. More unforgettable, perhaps, than memorable, the movie's final shot leaves you at a distance equivalent to the one when you entered. An excellent review by Clayton Dillard at Slant:

Some remarkable stuff in the first two sections, but it is utterly unbelievable that the main character would let the boy back into his apartment after what has happened there--(which is on level with Michael Haneke's Funny Games) unless he is a complete and pathetic fool. Completely counter to basic instinct for survival and self-preservation. Very disappointed.