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also known as Fantasmagorie


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  • 3.9
Émile Cohl was already 50 by the time he made his first breakthrough work for Gaumont. FANTASMAGORIA's squirmy chalk drawings are infused with the same anarchic spirit which inspired his earlier work as a caricaturist and art provocateur. Pointedly crude, the animation skewers a bourgeois lady at the theater within seconds. An auspicious beginning for one of cinema's first surrealists.



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Cute, funny could use some music.

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top reviewer

The First True Animated Motion Picture. Cohl influenced Windsor McCay who influenced Disney. From one genius comes many!

1908... Pretty amazing. Worth your two minutes!

Wow! Wonderfully done....Way ahead of it's time. Makes up want to see his other films. Surrealism it!

A fast-paced roller coaster ride through the imagination of a caricaturist.