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Flirty Four-Flushers1926

  • 3.4
Ambitious diner waitress Aggie (Madeline Hurlock), "weary of carving her career out of T-bone steaks," wins $500 in an essay contest by waxing eloquent on "how to disguise corned-beef hash." She decides to invest that bankroll posing as a debutant at an upscale resort in order to bag a millionaire. Unfortunately, she runs smack into a fellow poseur as well as some actual swells. Beauteous lead Hurlock was a popular silent comedy lead who gave up the movies when sound arrived, becoming a staple amongst Manhattan stage and literary circles as wife to two famed playwright/scenarists: first Marc Connelly (THE FARMER TAKES A WIFE), then Robert E. Sherwood (THE PETRIFIED FOREST). She's the very picture of flapper sophistication in this farce from Mack Sennett's studio. - Dennis Harvey

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