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  • 3.1
A holocaust survivor now living as a respected writer in Manhattan is the only person who can identify a suspected Nazi back in his native Austria. When a beautiful reporter eager for a scoop tries to lure him back, Geburtig must decide whether to confront his past.

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The copy here is slightly flawed. Too many of the subtitles either display for only a micro-second or not at all. Because I read and speak German I got all the stuff that the titles missed but I think others may lose a few key plot points or revelations. Despite that minor complaint, it is an excellent film, with very high production values and a series of woven stires that must be heard. Well done.

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This one is a real challenge. I think it tries to do too much in one film. Like taking a vacation but trying to so many things and trying to get to so many different places that you end up not enjoying any of it. That is GEBURTIG. The streaming issues certainly doesn't help. I could struggle through the German language well enough to not rely on the very poor subtitles, but God help those with no knowledge of deutch.

I strongly recommend you look to other films if you are trying to get a feeling for second generation syndrome. Again, there was too much. Most of the characters were the children of camp victims, but just to confuse things, there was also the son of one of the camp doctors. BETTER EDITORS WERE NEEDED FOR THIS SCREEN PLAY. I think I will just leave it there.

Some of the acting was quite good while some of it was poor.

It gets a fourth star for good intentions, but 3 stars over all is actually being generous.

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very good movie too few nazis and ther germans who killed or treated the jews and other non germans like dirt got away free and were covered up by the us government because we needed them to run germany after the war. too many of them got away scott free and never suffered at all. life is never fair

was an interesting movie looking forward to seeing more like this one.

Eighteen minutes in, what's going on? I gave up.