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Go for Broke!1951

  • 3.7
They were the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, a squad of loyal Japanese-Americans who had to battle prejudice as well as the Axis enemy. Van Johnson stars as their contemptuous top-kick, whose bigotry gives way to respect in the crucible of war. Supporting Johnson is a cast of veterans, all former members of the highly decorated 442nd, whose battle cry, “Go For Broke!” means, “Shoot the works!” Nominated for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay at the 1952 Academy Awards®.

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Member Reviews (4)

I expected to enjoy this film, but I was not prepared for this little gem. It really should be counted among the classics of WWII films and seen by anyone interested in film and/or history.

The Japanese - Americans need to be recognized even more.

It was one of the best WW2 movies. I first saw it about 40 years ago and always liked it.

Ichi ban.