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  • 3.6
Returning to his hometown after twelve years, Ray attempts to rekindle relations with his daughter and high-school sweetheart. His ex, Alice, has moved in with the over-zealous fitness trainer, Frank, who happens to be Ray's old P.E. coach. Ray's daughter, Abbie has become Frank's grand experiment in making a Gold-winning cross-country runner. With merciless fervor, Frank pushes Abbie to always win. And nothing could be more opposing to this grand plan that Ray's presence.

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Member Reviews (1)

A humorous, quirky, and tender film about the return of a loser dad to his hometown. It's sweetly able to somehow mock its characters and build compassion for them at the same time. Pitch perfect performances and direction that keeps you in touch with the emotional truth of every scene. If you like films about family that push your sense of how we compose our lives, and that don't fall into hokey resolutions, then this may be one for you. And the girl from Game of Thrones is good again here.