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also known as A Story of Pleasure and Promise | A la recherche du point G


  • 3.7
G-SPOTTING: A STORY OF PLEASURE AND PROMISE is a captivating, playful and well-researched documentary that explores the modern history of female sexuality. It is a fascinating investigation into the instrumentalization of women's pleasure, and women's bodies, by our society; and an attempt to demystify arguably the most mythologized sexual discovery of the 20th century

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educational, interesting, and presents research well. and fun.

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Interesting. As both a romantic & erotic lover, I found this program verifying and informative. Through my own improvisation in "making love" in the past, I've discovered & developed ways to bring different women to new heights of pleasure years ago, which became part & parcel of my own pleasure (eg. "coming together, mutual multiple orgasms). The idea of the brain being part of the sexual organ makes a lot of sense to me, involving the whole body, really. I suspect future horizons of orgasmic inclusion will expand to the meta-physical, spiritual & beyond. In the end, as a "poet" I embrace the notion that the most magical of things in this life can't be measured, quantified or contained. -Biggo

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educational, interesting, and presents research well. and fun.

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Wow, who knew! I'm off to find the G spot.

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Now they tell me! . . . Born 1932



starts out a bit naively, but comes's shocking that female ejaculation and understanding of our anatomies is still in the dark ages.

interesting new take