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  • 3.8
Lawrence Jordan took not only the music but the title from Erik Satie. These three pieces are probably the most famous of Satie's musical series. The precise sense of the word "gymnopédies" is unknown. Etymologically it denotes the goings on of named (gymno) children (paidos); yet here the word might also connote the gymnastics or even, in its zoological sense, the affairs of infant birds. Just how much Jordan has researched the title is unknown. Perhaps he takes the word, as it has surely become, as a sign for Satie, whose spirit permeates the film; a spirit both wistful and Rosicrucian.

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Member Reviews (13)

This was a repulsive, petty, childish, fake Dada/Surreal animation that had nothing to do with the immemorial work of Satie. Satie's work demands more than off-hand junk animation.

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the music, the movement and the background interact in no way I can seem

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I love Satie's Gymnopedies so any added visual would seem beautiful.

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Wonderfully radical and dadaist just like the music of Satie. A tour de force of anarchic images that interweave a powerful statement.

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Delightful animation combined with Satie's "Gymnopedies". What else could one ask for?

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Not crazy about the colors, and nothing much held it together for me, though it's pleasant to watch. It seems meaningless, though pretty. I do like the final image quite a bit.

I enjoyed this very much. The surrealist collage in the spirit of Max Ernst's collage novels A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil and Un Semaine de Bonte felt whimsical in the same way Satie's pieces do, delightfully odd.

I like the music.

There's several stupid reviews about this so maybe there's room to clarify things. This isn't a music video. If you expect that you might be disappointed. The movement is not all cued up to every chord change or anything like that. I'm not sure why some people expect that but I suppose they're used to seeing something where the transiberian orchestra is properly cued up with some christmas lights. I guess if you feel that's the hallmark of good film making then you have a point.

I won't argue that this is Jordan's best piece but the reviews of it are moronic for the most part. If you're a Satie fan you can source better rec0rdings and whatnot, but that isn't what this is.

I love how over the top reviews are here . Satie's work "demands" something much more than this. People disliked the color scheme. Lots of babies complaining about something made 50 years ago.

People, I know that just by the films on this site cater toward a certain sense of snobbishness but you guys are really taking it to a hilarious point. I'm guessing there's little beards and tight pants involved too.

old skool!

I enjoyed listening to my all-time favorite piece of music but the Monty Python-esque, steampunkish mishmash of forced allegory did not suit Satie's aural vision of serenity at all. Too "arty" for my blood.

It's blue hue gives the video a somber feel which is only furthered by the lone piano playing.