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also known as Madame Butterfly


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  • 3.5
An adaptation of "Madame Butterfly," the tragic romance HARAKIRI indulged Lang's fascination with Asian culture and Orientalist design. Filmed on the outskirts of Berlin, Lang strived for authenticity, and obtained sets and costumes from the Hamburg Anthropological Museum.



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Fritz Lang's Harakiri (1919) is a great film for its time. Very sad, but compelling storyline. The film doesn't explain, however, who the European woman is that Olaf returned to after his first vist to Japan & who accompanied him on his second visit there. Is she his European wife? Is she his sister? Anyway, the film has very accurate & very elaborate Japanese façade. Very elaborate Japanese costumes, very elaborate Japanese interior décor, very elaborate Japanese buildings, very elaborate Japanese garden scenes, replete with thick, mature bamboos, exotic birds, & Japanese style bridges. Seems no way that Lang had such an elaborate & seemingly accurate Japanese façade for this film constructed in Germany, yet the idea that he took a filmmaking crew on the road all the way from Germany to Japan in 1919 just to make this fine film seems rather unlikely as well. Guess we'll never know !!