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Hard Core Logo1996

  • 3.4
The THIS IS SPINAL TAP of Canadian punk mockumentaries is about a legendary (but fictive) Canuck hardcore unit that reunites years after its acrimonious breakup to play a one-shot benefit and play such ramalama hits as "Something's Gonna Die Tonight," "Rock 'n' Roll is Fat and Ugly" and "Who the Hell You Think You Are?" Encouraged by press and fan response, they unwisely decide to extend the reunion for a mini-tour whose escalating disasters are duly recorded here. Intimately knowledgeable about both music industry realities and "underground" tropes (with a kickass soundtrack), HARD CORE LOGO is a frequently hilarious look at egos, attitudes and van mechanics run amuck. It's also surprisingly psychologically complex and even poignant at times. The colorful cast includes a Joey Ramone cameo not to mention appearances by real-life bands including actual punk legends D.O.A. The film fostered enough of a cult following that director Bruce Macdonald (who in the meantime had directed everything from numerous other independent features to episodes of QUEER AS FOLK and DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION) made a 2010 sequel. - Dennis Harvey

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