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Hasta la Victoria Siempre1967

  • 3.3
Cuban agit-prop filmmaker Santiago Alvarez produced this radical newsreel within forty-eight hours of Che Guevara’s death by special request of Fidel Castro himself. Fellow filmmaker and Alvarez admirer Travis Wilkerson accordingly calls it "a pure distillation of the highly unusual conditions of production" that spurred Alvarez's "urgent cinema." Incorporating Guevara's own speeches and documentary scraps from the Bolivian campaign, Alvarez's resourcefulness is ever astonishing.

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This is a nicely presented history of revolutionary rhetoric and struggle that has evolved dramatically with a shift from the war with bullets to war with the ballot box in the 21st century - case in point: the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, conscientization in Ecuador and Bolivia, among other people's democratic struggles throughout the world. All of it responding to the morphing of imperialism's face from militarism as front line strategy to neoliberalism and economic fascism as the modern tool of oppression with the backing of American militarism. There is still promise in Che's dream and the hopes of those who still believe in the honor of his struggle and sacrifice, of which this film is a worthy reminder.

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Beautifully worded coherent thought - this comment has encouraged me enough to add it to my queue and watch it tonight!

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Fascinating propaganda in memory of the true revolutionary, Che Guevara. A consistent ideologue, Che left Cuba partly due to his anger at Castro for selling out the revolution for the economic security of the Soviet Union. This documentary points out the researched facts of the US governments' support and CIA directed war on Bolivia's poor rebels.

I was very pleased to see this film. Americans are inundated with anti-Cuban propaganda (maybe me especially since I am from Miami). It is valuable to see something like this, especially coming from that time period when resistance to US imperialism was rampant around the world. I appreciate Che's recognition of Patrice Lumumba, another leader killed by the hands of imperialism. Viva la revolucion!

Piece of junk. I lived the Cuban Revolution, and the fact that Castro would have this brief little thing filmed in honor of his bosom buddy Che Ernesto Guevara shows his mediocrity and spite toward anyone not himself. His intolerable egocentricity, his Galician hardheadedness still hold fast and prisoner an island that made the grand mistake of placing itself in his hands. An evil psychopath. ( that's not saying that el Che was any angel...)

And by the way, who is this Santiago Alvarez ? A nobody from a gone-by era obviously.