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He Hated Pigeons2015

  • 3.5
A slow-burning odyssey about love and loss featuring newcomer Pedro Fontaine in the title role of Elias, a young man who travels from the Northern Atacama Desert to the southern Patagonian edge of Chile on a cathartic journey of the spirit, and to fulfill the wish of his mysteriously deceased lover. Every screening of HE HATED PIGEONS is presented with a uniquely improvised, ever-changing live score. Linked with the uncertainty of the protagonist's journey, the audience is part of something which has its own intrinsic impermanence.

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Member Reviews (5)

Beautiful, simple and affecting.

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It does not work, but it tries so hard!

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really beautiful_mostly great_except for a few dumb spots_Chile is so beautiful_ this is the best Veniger film i've seen_ (i'm a good person was really dumb)_Pedro Fontaine - Elias does a great job

The grief is palpable; the Chilean countryside is amazingly beautiful. I give it a three star because the pace of the film was painstakingly slow which is presumably intentional to accentuate the feeling of grief in the viewer.

Liked the movie a lot. Really depressing ending which I didn't like.