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Head Film1971

  • 2.9
An 8mm experiment, HEAD FILM features Peter Fisk (filmmaker Wakefield Poole's partner), Poole's beloved Andy Warhol "Marilyns," Julia Child and the kitchen sink (literally and figuratively). The film creates whimsy by incorporating household film footage, pop culture references from television and Poole's eclectic and sometimes campy use of music.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Awesome little film. I wanted to stand up and applaud and shout at the end and had I been in a theatre, I would have. And I wish I had a chef that both cooked like that and looked like that lol

top reviewer


This is the stupidest waste of time ever. A few minutes of watching a couple guys cooking in various stages of undress, followed by an interminably long display of Marilyn Monroe's face in ugly colors.