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  • 3.3
  • passes the bechdel test
Alexandre Rockwell's rangy, offhandedly eccentric debut feature follows a disabled teenager and his older adoptive sisters who, when pronounced by some protective-services bureaucrat to be "not our idea of a normal family," shed their gloomy urban confines and set out for Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. En route they absorb another misfit wayfarer who notes the boy's hobby of snapping Polaroids. "I guess this is your way of socializing, huh?" "No," he answers. "It’s my way of seeing." Rockwell gathers vitalizing details both grand and small but he is mostly inspired by singular characters who seem like real, mysterious human beings. - Jonathan Kiefer

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Member Reviews (2)

As good as any Guy Madden movie. Loved it.

Maybe you have to be a misfit to understand and appreciate this film. It shows the consequences when you try to be something you aren't and find something that doesn't exist. The film defines injustice and cruelty in a very personal and subjective way that walks in the dark under the glaring desert of reality.