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  • 3.9
  • passes the bechdel test
Switzerland's official entry for "Best Foreign Language Film" at the 82nd Academy Awards®, HOME is a mesmerizing fable of modern family life starring internationally renowned actress Isabelle Huppert. Huppert plays Marthe, a happy-go-lucky mother whose family enjoys an idyllic existence in their isolated, ramshackle home, which edges onto an abandoned highway. Almost entirely cut off from society at large, they forge their own utopia. Everything changes when city trucks roll in to complete the road's construction, allowing rush hour traffic to start rumbling by. Refusing to give up their solitude, Marthe, her husband Michael (Olivier Gourmet), and their three children resort to increasingly desperate measures to insulate themselves from the pollution creeping inside their windows.

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"Described by director Ursula Meier as 'a road movie in reverse,' HOME is an assured and unsettling comedy." - Fernando F. Croce, Slant Magazine

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Ursula Meier's study of an eccentric family's slide from bohemian happiness to a shared state of poor health and insanity. It is successful as both a psychological study and environmental commentary. And, it is also almost hypnotically entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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Ursula Meier's study of an eccentric family's slide from bohemian happiness to a shared state of poor health and insanity. It is successful as both a psychological study and environmental commentary. And, it is also almost hypnotically entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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3.5 stars. Love,love, LOVE Huppert, and Olivier Gourmet, too, so this is completely watchable, but also completely silly. This film wants to have the crazy excitement of Godard's WEEKEND, but instead of being profound, it turns out profoundly silly. Amusing, but I really couldn't take it seriously, and I felt like I was supposed to. Whatever, I watch all of Isabelle Huppert's films!

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Very intense movie, worth watching drama. some build walls to escape progress or is it progress barricading them in?

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An anxiety ridden journey into the heart of a once peaceful and content family, now invaded by progress. "They are coming." And as with all things, the yin is met with the yang, the intrusion is countered with avoidance, via withdrawal and finally by complete submission. An unusual family from the outset, their transformation is a tragic and powerful statement. It takes a film such as this to wake us from out exhaust fume filled stupor. We are all, on some level, refugees from the world made from progress. An utterly brilliant film. And Isabelle Huppert to boot. Wow.

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Unforgettable. The imagery of the ever-enclosing cinder blocks enforced by skillful, evocative performances, especially from the boy who plays Julien, brand the mind's eye indelibly, with a family drama that is also a world drama. The significance of this film escalates beyond its showing time.

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Well acted allegory of the encroachment of "progress" upon the human psyche. No matter how hard you try to avoid it there is always ...the traffic.....the traffic....the traffic.

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Ursula Meier's Home (2009) is a very well thought out, and very well executed film with much artistic merit.

It is also a very thought provoking film, rooted in the deep and profound symbology at its core. The house in an utterly isolated and desolate location, the once abandoned highway adjacent to it, the now opened highway adjacent to it, the once seemingly happy family, the now seemingly unhappy family, the attempts of the family to "protect" itself from the now opened highway, the "overly educated" middle child Marion, the "sunbathing"oldest child Judith finally abandoning the family, the radio station incessantly broadcasting traffic reports seemingly only about the highway adjacent to the house, and the casual nudity of all the family members except for the mother are just a few of all the interrelated symbolic elements present within a carefully constructed matrix. The interpretive unraveling of this integrated and complex symbology provides much potential fodder for intellectual and artistic analyses for the viewer inclined to traverse the paths of such reflective thinking.

Although the complete explication of all the possible interpretations of this very complex film could consume many pages of text, I would hint at some of the possible paths of interpretation that I myself would traverse by suggesting alternate suitable titles for this film. Such a list of alternate titles might include "The Womb", "The Refuge", "The Failed Escape", "A Prison Of Our Own Making", "The Dysfunctional Family In Disguise", "The Family Home As An Insane Asylum", "Let's Pretend It's Not Real" and "Let's All Pretend That Mommy's Not Crazy".

After viewing this film, a couple of lines of lyrics from an old Eagles song kept surfacing in my mind: "We live our lives in chains, Never knowing that we have the keys that can set us free".

Isabelle Huppert once again delivers an utterly brilliant performance, and once again of a mentally deranged woman of some type. Do these seemingly strange roles find her, or does she actively seek them out? Either way, Huppert obviously has the proclivity and the ability to portray very strange women indeed.

20 Stars !!!

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A good story of how one family is maladapted to their environment. The mother's resistance to giving in to change brings on self implosion, and is in contrast to the adult daughter's denial of and rebellion against the conditions--until she makes a clean escape. Amidst the endurance of stress, discomfort, and confusion, the individuals gradually see heightened suffering reflected in each other. Eventually, they walk away from home: an arbitrary location, and the place where they are all together at the same time. What compels us to force changes into our lives, what is forced upon us that we refuse to accept, and how the family bonds can foster hindrance, toxicity, imprisonment--or common interest in sacrifice for everyone's benefit.

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This story concerns a family living happily right alongside a vacant highway. When motorists begin to use the highway, the quality of life for the family takes a serious turn for the worst. But the mother can't move out, because it is her home. The situation becomes more dire...

It was not a great movie, and parts of it belied logic, e.g. why didn't they just call to see when the highway was going to open?

And what is it with Isabelle Huppert, who as always, is completely inscrutable?

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I enjoyed this movie while I was watching it, but it left me empty at the end, asking, "What was the point?"

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Holy dysfunctional family!!! This is right up there with "Dogtooth". You feel such desolate isolation while watching this film, yet you cant look away!!! Great film!

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Unique and interesting plot but without much background about this family, it was hard to understand why the mother was so against moving and why this family couldn't find any other way to make their life more livable than suffocating. The synopsis didn't seem right about the movie either. The father didn't build up the walls in the house to avoid pollution, it was more about the noise and to separate them from the noise and all sudden changes that they didn't want to accept.

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Very interesting. Intense journey with such intimacy and vulnerability.

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HOME is an amazing film. Be careful though; it gets incredibly dark in the second act.

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If you don't think that cars and noise make people crazy, give this movie a chance to change your mind.

I Like it..

Spectacularly simple premise. Spectacularly executed. A gem.

I saw this very unique film maybe 6 or 7 years ago. And now again, as the characters walk away at the end, it never really leaves me, and I feel totally connected with this beautiful, hapless family and their impossible highway home life. The director Ursula Maier’s conception and technique is astounding.

Extraordinary. A visceral journey into the world of a family whose construction of reality is torn down by change from inevitable external forces.

Well-done "small" movie very watchable yet unpredictable. Characters fascinating and sympathetic. Two thumbs up here. (gf and I). We love movies based on imagination rather than multi-billion dollar budgets. Hurray!


YES It,s just So Beautiful says Your Bruno in Love!

I fell asleep halfway through....and... I wasn't tired....;

Odd, but amusing family saga.

Very interesting. Unusual situation and family dynamics

Well acted. Fine movie.

Enjoyed it. Too grim to be called a comedy (although it does have its absurd moments).

Wonderful movie--although a bit over-the top at the end. I so enjoy Huppert--the ultimate actor.

Nice visuals, sweet story.

A very poetic expression of Love with very very good actors.


Huppert fans will certainly love this. Here again Isabelle takes on a role as a seemingly happy normal woman and good mother of a nice family with big mental problems. And at the beginning of the film these problems aren’t so apparent but become evident as the story progresses. The movie reminded me a lot of “BUG”, a similar cinematic fable revealing how fear and madness can become highly contagiousness as it does here sweeping through this entire family.

Interesting commentary on the human craving for continuity despite the invasion of profound change. Characters were well-crafted and allowed intergenerational points-of-view. Additionally, each character magnificently assumed the matriarchal role to keep the status quo during a very stressful and exhausting transition for this family.