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Hotel Dallas2016

  • 3.4
Playfully mixing fiction and documentary, HOTEL DALLAS is a surreal parable of communism, capitalism, and the power of art. It premiered at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival, in the Panorama program. In the 80s, "Dallas" is the most popular TV show in communist Romania. Presented as a cautionary tale about Western greed, the show's vision of wealth and glamour enthralls the struggling populace—including Ilie and his daughter Livia. He is a small-time criminal and aspiring capitalist; she is in love with the show's handsome leading man, Patrick Duffy. After communism falls, Ilie builds the Hotel Dallas, a life-size copy of the "Dallas" mansion. Livia immigrates to America, becomes an artist, and directs a film starring Patrick Duffy, as a soap opera character who dies in Texas and wakes up in Romania, in a hotel that looks just like home.

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Member Reviews (1)

The film covers the space between reality and the metaphysical.

It exudes a type of enlightenment only found in our primordial instincts.