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I Need a Dodge!2015

Joe Strummer on the Run

  • 3.1
Produced and directed by Nick Hall, this is the story of Joe Strummer's self-imposed exile in Granada in 1985/86. I NEED A DODGE is partly the story of the search for the car, and partly the story of Joe's own search for meaning and redemption in those wilderness years. Drawing on the recollections of his friends in London and in Spain, his partner Gaby Holford and members of 091 and Radio Fortuna, this is a revealing story of a search for much more than just a car. "It was an escape. He was a man on the run. He was getting away from the tension in London" says Santiago Auseron. Joe Strummer did, indeed, need a Dodge.

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A mystery without a solution. "I Need A Dodge" kicks off with a tantalizing premise that sets itself up as a Punk Rock "Citizen Kane," that it can't quite deliver on it by the finish. It offers an intriguing look at Joe Strummer, a charismatic Rock & Roll hero who was part Punk Woody Guthrie and part Film Noir tough guy, but it all you get is a one brief chapter in a big rumbling story. In the end, you only catch a glimpse of Joe Strummer as he drives by in his phantom Dodge.

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