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also known as Dans les champs de bataille I Maarek hob

In the Battlefields2004

  • 2.9
  • passes the bechdel test
Daughter of self-destructive parents, twelve-year-old Lina doesn't show much interest in the war taking place around her in 1980's Beirut. Instead, Siham, her aunt's beautiful adolescent maid is the focal point of her rebellious and neglected childhood. As the basis for the girls' relationship shifts, issues of loyalty and power set off a series of events which isolate Lina even more. Unlike films in which the violence of an urban war zone motivate a family to strengthen their ties, director Danielle Arbid depicts, instead, relationships that are shattered by passion, reprisal and guilt.

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Member Reviews (1)

The war in Lebanon is a backdrop to the war in a family and is about the relaionship

of 2 girls. The 13 yr old girl's father is a complusive gambler and alledged womanizer. Despite intervention he continues and is killed by his creditors? Her mother is unable to help her. The yn girl's friend wants to run away w. a boyfriend but the yn girl snitches on her because she doesn't want her to leave and destroys the friendship. Not much war special effects are necessary. I'm a little confused of the relationships of the extended family> Christian burial customs.