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Job Interview2013

  • 3.6
  • passes the bechdel test
When Lisa applies for a job everything seems to be turning out pretty well. Until the boss Marie starts asking strange questions and the job interview turns out to be a little different than expected.

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Fine acting. Very concise story -- 9 minutes very well spent.

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Fine acting. Very concise story -- 9 minutes very well spent.

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What do you assume when you hear that a woman goes in for a job interview and things go awry? Whatever you are thinking is probably wrong. I won't ruin it for you, but I will say that this was the most suspenseful film I have seen in under 10 minutes.

The tables turn more than once, and you most likely won't see the end coming. Well constructed and concise. Good acting and nicely produced. No wasted time.

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A remarkably well made short that has you gripped from start to finish. Okay, it is only nine minutes long, so keeping the viewer gripped isn't such a big deal, but on a frame-by-frame basis this is brilliant use of each of those nine minutes. The acting is outstanding; every movement, every look, and every word spoken is perfect. And the ending - well, what can I say without spoiling it.

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Short and sweet! heh heh

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cool surprise well done

That was the scariest 8:23 of my life. I can't say more. Don't want to spoil it.

Divorce papers would have been a nice twist at the end after the interviewer said she had passed the interview and requested the applicant to sit down.


Great story packed into 9 minutes. The conclusion leaves you in a very unexpected place from the start.

Enjoyed it

Fantastic. So much packed into 9 minutes. Amazing.

Did not see the end coming. Well done!

Julia Walter is one of the consistent out of the box writer/directors in todays film industry. Really has a twisting plot. Never saw the ending. So much fun!

Acting was satisfactory but the concept was too staged.

Very well done and well worth watching.

Very clever, I kept wondering when the body would appear and appear it did. Really fine shortie.

I got interested right away. Worth the watch.

3 stars for interesting but the interviewee was a blank.

I should have seen it coming, but that ending surprised me. Shows that the acting was believable enough to have me fall for the false sense of relief near the big reveal!

A well acted short with creepy atmosphere. It isn't very original, but it is well executed.