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Kafka's Last Story2011

  • 3.2
While the world may be eternally grateful to Max Brod for preserving some of the greatest works of 20th century literature and transforming Franz Kafka into a global cultural icon, Kafka himself may be turning in his grave. Kafka’s final wish stated that “all that is left in my estate must be burned completely, without reading”, was famously disregarded by his closest friend, and the rest is literary history. However, nearly a century after Kafka’s untimely death, the fate of his invaluable manuscripts is at the heart of a heated debate involving millions of dollars and political wrangling between Israel and Germany.

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A point made by the comedian Morey Amsterdam is worth making: In his own time and place Kafka was thought of as a humorist. He never tried to be anything more than a writer of comedy. As for this film, I found the narrative as boring as he himself would have done.

Though formally not very well done, this documentary tells an authentically strange and captivating (and maddening) tale about the fate of the rest of Franz Kafka's manuscripts, diaries, letters etc., after Max Brod left the estate to his secretary. For all Kafka lovers it is a must see.

It was informative. I'm sorry he was a womanizer and very sorry he had to die so young.