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L'amico Fried's Glamorous Friends1976

  • 3.1
Carmen Vigil, former Program Director of San Francisco Cinematheque, writes "L'AMICO FRIED'S GLAMOROUS FRIENDS is built around a pas de deux by Ondine and Sally Dixon... with a quickness of breath and dryness of the throat one is apt to say, 'What is that!' as if peering into some exotic fog. The sometimes lovely and sometimes not beautiful but nearly always exquisite collisions of light and shadow upon the screen which seduces us... And may as likely cause one to squirm in one's seat."

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Member Reviews (2)

each frame is a shimmering painting with light.

...certainly a mind trip. a redux of lucid dreams and desires

lost visions recaptured for a millisecond.

like this film very much