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Let My People Go!2012

  • 3.7
A sweet and hilarious fusion of gay romantic comedy, Jewish family drama and French bedroom farce, Mikael Buch's LET MY PEOPLE GO! follows the travails and daydreams of the lovelorn Ruben, a French-Jewish gay mailman living in fairytale Finland (where he got his MA in "Comparative Sauna Cultures") with his gorgeous Nordic boyfriend. But just before Passover, a series of mishaps and a lovers' quarrel exile the heartbroken Ruben back to Paris and his zany family (including Almodovar goddess Carmen Maura as his ditzy mom), and Truffaut regular Jean-Francois Stevenin as his lothario father. Scripted by director Mikael Buch and renowned arthouse auteur Christophe Honore, LET MY PEOPLE GO! both celebrates and upends Jewish and gay stereotypes with wit, gusto and style to spare. The result is deeply heartwarming, fabulously kitschy and hysterically funny.

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Member Reviews (5)

This is a very cute and funny gay comedy. No angst, no melodrama (except) for the sake of comedy. This was reminiscent of some wonderful Spanish gay comedies like Chef’s Special, Km. 0 (Zero) or Almodovar’s Women on the Verge... Or the original French La Cage of Folles, not the horrible musical.

Funny film with principal character a flighty atheist within an uber Jewish family and his trials and tribulations. Some genuine LOL moments, but all in all a fun film and how unique it is in that this

is a gay-oriented film without a single shower scene.

. . . ain't love a beautiful thing!

The beginning scene was boring so I did not continue watching it.

Same here, but I stuck with it and eventually it picked up with several sub-plots and finally the happy ending.

Very good and real......well most of