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Mandrake the Magician1939

  • 2.8
The Wasp, the crafty head of an underworld gang, is on the hunt for a radium-energy machine developed by Professor Houston. The Wasp will stop at nothing to steal the scientist's invention. His evil machinations to obtain the device include blowing up a radio station, a power plant and a dam. Fortunately, his dastardly deeds cause only minimal damage because of the timely intervention of the quick-witted Mandrake, a world-famous magician, who has vowed to stop the Wasp. Will Mandrake finally capture the master villain and his gang, thereby saving the world from the sting of the Wasp? And will Mandrake be reunited with Professor Houston's lovely daughter Betty? Well, you'll have to watch all twelve thrilling chapters to find out! This colorful King Features newspaper comic strip hero was brought to the big screen by Columbia Pictures.

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Walter Lang's comic strip magician translated to the low-budget serials as your regular one-dimensional man of action with two fists and a pure heart. No black magic here. Not much charisma, either. With minor rewrites, Mandrake could be any old G-Man, enterprising journalist or boy scout leader who heeds the call of a scientist friend who loses his radium ray invention to a masked thief called The Wasp. Who's the face behind the mask? You'll never guess. Mostly because you'll never try. You may not even be able to tell the supporting cast apart, aside from the inevitable squeaky clean love interest and young boy who gets to play sidekick every few chapters. It's a second tier cliffhanger job from Columbia Pictures, recommended only to those who are up for another run through the formula. Watch for some modern overdubbing of the voices in the first chapter. This is due to a damaged soundtrack on the old print. From chapter two onward, the sound switches back to the original actors.

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